Social Events

Xmas Brunch 20191208

It seems that no matter what we do, it always turns into some kind of party! While the competitive events are serious stuff and a blast on their own, it always seems they evolve into a social event, be it a dinner after racing, a backyard gathering at the end of a rallye or BBQing on the engine block of one of those spotless show cars (oops, just kidding). When we're not competing though, we try to find something for everyone to enjoy their cars and the good friends they've made in the hobby.

Brunch 20120325

Go Karting Night

Slalom Racing

Racing at Lansdowne

They don't call them "Sports Cars" for nothing. If you want to test your driving skill and the performance of your Vette in a safe and controlled environment, then slalom racing is for you! Racing only yourself and the time clock around, through and even sometimes over cones in classes of similar cars brings an adrenaline rush to novices and experts alike. The slalom course is the place that you can see just what you and your car are capable of. GM made these babies to be driven... no sense in disappointing them. There is always lots of help around and no shortage of willing coaches to bring the novice entries along to challenge the big dogs.
Concours de Elegance

Concours at Dennison Chevrolet

Concours and Show and Shines gives the proud Corvette owner a chance to show off the beauty in their beast. Show events provide classes for both novice and experienced participants and the high gloss finishes always reflect the pride of ownership and love lavished on these gorgeous cars in the pursuit of perfection. We also participate in just-for-fun car events like the Langley Good Times Cruise-In and the Peach City Beach Cruise in Penticton.

Rallyes may be the most challenging of all the formal Corvette events. Not only must you navigate your way around a predetermined course (often through gorgeous back roads) and be alert to all sorts of clues to the left and the right,  you must also find a way to maintain a civil relationship with your co-participant, time your checkpoint stops with deadly accuracy while trying not to get sucked in by the demented mind of the Rallye Master. Oh, and in deference to our precious babies, gravel roads do not exist in a rallye.
Valve Cover Racing

Valve Cover Racing

Put your valve cover to the test in a drag race down a sloped track. Choose from two different classes, stock and unlimited, and build your racer! Valve cover racing activities are held at selected events throughout the year. Awards are given to the first and second place finishers in each class. For those clubs that would like to have Valve Cover racing as part of their activities, please read the official rules, click here.