Valve Cover Racing Official Rules


- Must use small block Chevy valve cover
- Must be short type only
- Can be steel or aluminum
- Must be stock appearing (no wings)
- Maximum width 10 inches
- Maximum weight 5 lbs.


- Must be small block Chevy
- Can be tall or short
- Can be steel, aluminum, cast or carbon fibre
- Wings are allowed
- Maximum width 10 inches
- Maximum weight 7 lbs.


- No engines, must be gravity powered only
- There will be a tech prior to the race
- Track will be approximately 25-30 feet long
- Starting at approximately 3 to 4 feet off the ground
- Races will be timed electronically
- Eliminations will proceed after qualifying times are completed
- Minimum 3 wheels
- In case of a tie a re-run will determine the winner
- Lanes will be 12 inches wide
- 3 inch rails
- All covers must be teched - Once cover has been teched if it leaves the area it must be teched again.
- Owner is responsible for staging the cover


- Peoples choice and Rusty Wheel awards
- Trophies for first and second place in each class