If you are interested to cruising/viewing/showing or just plain drooling over cars, trucks, bikes, whatever,
there are many unorganized shows happening around the lower mainland during Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Wednesday Evenings.....
South Surrey A&W, King George Blvd @ 23rd. 4pm-8pm
Approx 30 cars. Prize draws...

Ladner London Drugs Mall, Ladner Trunk & Arthur Drive, 4pm - 8pm
Approx 30 cars.

Thursday Evenings....
Richmond McDonalds, #2 Road and South Airport, Russ Baker Way. 4pm - 9pm
Approx 50+ cars..

Maple Ridge McDonalds..
We don't know much about this..

North Van Can Tire Mall.
We don't know much about this..

Friday Evenings....
South Surrey/Langley Timmies/A&W. 192nd Street @ 27th ave. 5pm - 9pm
Approx 120+ cars.. 200 on a hot summer nite!
Lots of take-out food places available, Timmies, SubWay, A&W, Pizza Hut, Sushi, etc
As well as a full Greek Restaurant.

Langley KMS Tools, Langley Bypass(south side) near 196th Street. 5pm - 8pm.
Approx 75 cars.

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