A Blast from the Past!! – Convention Fun
As a member club of the Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs (western Canada region), we participate in several events each year. These events consist of competitive events (Slalom, Autocross, Rallye, Show ‘n Shine/Concours), and social happenings. In August of 1997, the Convention event was held in Calgary, Alberta. Probably 250 people attended. One of the "social" events was something called "Cowtown Challenge", where everyone was asked to perform some act, and these acts would be judged. So, about 10 "groups" participated, offering their renditions of a variety of songs, etc. We herewith provide links to YouTube for all of these 10 "acts". Enjoy them ... they are pretty funny.

                  Number 1 .... “The Supremes”
                  Number 2 .... “KISS”
                  Number 3 …. “Sonny & Cher”
                  Number 4 .... “Swan Lake”
                  Number 5 .... “Wild Thing”
                  Number 6 .... “Macarena”
                  Number 7 .... “The One that I Love”
                  Number 8 .... “Sonny & Cher” (2nd group)
                  Number 9 .... “What a Wonderful World (Car)”
                  Number 10 .... “Piece of Shit Car”

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